Which Dual-Wire Monitor is Best for your Application?

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Following our previous post on Single-Wire Monitors, we will be looking at Dual-Wire Monitors in today’s post.
As a reminder, Continuous Monitors provide operators with instant feedback on the status and functionality of their wrist strap and/or workstation. They detect split-second failures when the wrist strap is still in the “intermittent” stage. This is prior to a permanent “open” which could result in damage to ESD sensitive components. Continuous Monitors verify the ground integrity of both the operator and ESD workstation and eliminate the need for periodic testing (and record keeping).

Dual Polarity Technology provides true continuous monitoring of wrist strap functionality and operator safety according to accepted industry standards. Dual-Wire Continuous Monitors provide redundancy; even if one dual-wire wrist strap conductor is severed, the operator still has a reliable path-to-ground with the other conductor.

All Vermason Dual-Wire Monitors are compatible with EMIT SIM Software.

The Dual Operator Programmable Monitor continuously monitors:
• Two operators wearing dual-wire wrist straps
• Two ESD worksurfaces

The Dual Operator Programmable Monitor uses low voltage steady-state DC continuous loop technology to continuously monitor dual-wire wrist strap functionality.50528

The Zero Volt Monitor continuously monitors:
• Two operators wearing dual-wire wrist straps
• Two ESD worksurfaces

The Zero Volt Monitor uses resistive loop technology that allows the operator to typically be near zero volts with respect to equipment ground.


The Zero Volt Monitor (ZVM) Solo continuously monitors:
• One operator wearing a dual-wire wrist strap
• One supervisor wearing a dual-wire wrist strap
• One ESD worksurface
• One metal tool fixture

The ZVM Solo’s Dual Polarity Technology uses dual-wire wrist cords to place positive voltage on one line and negative voltage on the other, resulting in near zero voltage at the operator.

To determine the correct monitor for your application, make sure you check our Continuous Monitor Selection Chart.

About Vermason

Vermason is a manufacturer of ESD protection products and was founded in Letchworth in 1979. Our mission is to maintain our position as the primary ESD solutions provider for the electronics industry in Europe. Vermason strive to manufacture quality ESD Control products with innovation, leadership and partnerships which deliver long term commercial benefits. We understand the many challenges our customers face regarding quality and reliability. We support these requirements with products and services of exceptional value which help them gain competitive advantages in their markets. We also appreciate that the control of ESD is one of many necessary links in a long chain required to bring a customer’s project to a successful completion. We endeavour to make that happen. We sustain our vision and mission by constantly seeking renewal via continuous education, application of new technologies and good business practices. Employees are expected to serve the customer with the highest level of technical knowledge in the industry.

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