Choosing the right type of ESD Tape for your Application

Most people are aware of regular high charging tape in ESD Protected Areas (EPAs) and know that these should be replaced with ESD tape. However, there is a lot of confusion out there as to what type of ESD tape should be used for what application. So we’ve put together an overview of the different types of ESD tape available and when to use them.

All generators of electrostatic charges, such as untreated plastic films, foams, synthetic fibres, adhesive tapes, etc., must be prohibited and should be kept away from the EPA [ESD protected area].” (EN 61340-5-2 section 6)
EPA should never have any electrostatic generative adhesive tapes or labels, as these can cause very high potentials when applied or stripped off.” (EN 61340-5-1 section 7.4)

ESD Cellulose Tape

Technical information:

  • Colour: generally transparent; some types have a blue, red, green or yellow hue
  • Film construction: cellulose

Cellulose TapeExamples of ESD Cellulose Tape – find out more


  • Sealing ESD bags and other ESD packaging/containers
  • General purpose ESD tape applications
  • Secure (bundle) IC DIP tubes
  • Prevents damage to sensitive electronic components in manufacturing
  • Ideal for holding notes, work orders or instructions in offices, ESD workstations, or for general purpose
  • Ideal for conformal coating or holding and sealing supplies in manufacturing
  • Ideal in packaging for container sealing, static shielding bag closure and holding DIP tubes
  • Use with ESD symbols for ESD awareness

ESD Conductive Shielding Grid Tape

Technical information:

  • Colour: tan/brown with black grid pattern
  • Film construction: antistatic copolymer with conductive grid layer

Conductive Shielding Grid TapeExamples of ESD Conductive Shielding Grid Tape – find out more


  • For applications requiring EMI shielding
  • Use in areas where the generation of static electricity is of concern
  • Secure (bundle) IC tubes
  • Cover external plugs, holes or connector pins on electronic chassis (black boxes, etc.) during transportation or storage

ESD High-Temp Masking Tape

Technical information:

  • Colour: natural
  • Film construction: crepe paper

High-Temp Masking TapeExamples of ESD High-Temp Masking Tape – find out more


  • Silk screening applications
  • Masking application in spray and brush painting, non-staining
  • Protective purposes in manufacturing processes, strips clean
  • For securing polyethylene sheeting to walls during painting
  • For OEM repair shops
  • Use in applications masking PCBs gold features for wave soldering or soldering under 150°C
  • Thick conductive adhesive excellent for conformability to protect critical PCB features
  • Easily handles high temperatures of wave soldering without leaving significant residue
  • Handles temperatures found in test and burn-in ovens
  • For best results, apply to board using a rubber roller

ESD High-Temp Polyimide Tape

Technical information:

  • Colour: brown opaque
  • Film construction: polyimide

High-Temp Polyimide TapeExamples of ESD High-Temp Polyimide Tape


  • Ideal for masking gold leads and other components on boards populated with sensitive integrated circuits
  • Thick conductive adhesive excellent for conformability to protect critical PCB features
  • Masking off PCBs for IR reflow ovens or wave soldering under 300°C for ~ 10 seconds

Aisle or Floor Marking Tape

Technical information:

  • Colour: yellow with black printing
  • Film construction: PVC

FloorMarkingTapeExamples of Floor Marking Tape – find out more


  • Use to mark off floors designating ESD Protective Areas
  • Can be used as area signs
  • Note: floor marking tape has no ESD control properties

Packaging Tape

Technical information:

  • Colour: yellow with black printing
  • Film construction: PVC

Packaging TapeExample of Packaging Tape – find out more


  • Suitable for sealing secondary packaging such as cartons
  • Note: packaging tape has no ESD control properties


ESD tapes come in all sorts of widths and lengths so make sure you check the specifcations to ensure your chosen tape will work for your application. And once you’ve picked the right kind of ESD tape, don’t forget an ESD tape dispenser to go with it…


About Vermason

Vermason is a manufacturer of ESD protection products and was founded in Letchworth in 1979. Our mission is to maintain our position as the primary ESD solutions provider for the electronics industry in Europe. Vermason strive to manufacture quality ESD Control products with innovation, leadership and partnerships which deliver long term commercial benefits. We understand the many challenges our customers face regarding quality and reliability. We support these requirements with products and services of exceptional value which help them gain competitive advantages in their markets. We also appreciate that the control of ESD is one of many necessary links in a long chain required to bring a customer’s project to a successful completion. We endeavour to make that happen. We sustain our vision and mission by constantly seeking renewal via continuous education, application of new technologies and good business practices. Employees are expected to serve the customer with the highest level of technical knowledge in the industry.

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