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Introducing New Dual Operator Continuous Monitor with Satellites

222743 monitor includes two 229904 Jewel® MagSnap Wrist Straps
  • NEW Improved Banana Jack
    Creates a more consistent connection and helps to prevent accidental disconnects with operator’s wrist strap.
  • Control unit LEDs indicate proper grounding of two mats and two operators; includes mounting hardware.
    Allows mounting Control Unit at eye level, not using any working surface area
  • Two Satellite Remote Monitors include monitored wrist strap ground, parking stud, and unmonitored ground for guest or equipment
    Versatile design allowing placement where desired up to 7 feet from control unit.
  • Audio alarm
  • Wave Distortion Technology provides real-time monitoring
    Ensures ESD protected workstation, reducing catastrophic failures and latent defects
  • Utilizes reliable wave distortion technology
    Provides true 100% continuous monitoring.
  • Can use with any brand of single wire wrist strap and coiled cord components
    Life-cycle costs of monitor / wrist strap / cord are 66% lower than dual-wire approach
  • For important information on Single Wire Continuous Impedance Monitoring Click HERE
  • Made in the United States of America
Item Description Price*
222743 Dual Operator Continuous Monitor with Wrist Straps, 4mm, 220VAC £251.20
222744 Dual Operator Continuous Monitor, 10mm, 220VAC £236.60

*The prices in the Vermason Online Catalog supersede all pricing on new product announcements and may change without notice.

Leading companies use continuous monitors as a cost effective component in satisfying some of the audit and check requirements of EN 61340-5-1. Wrist strap testing “Where continuous monitoring is used, no additional testing is required.” [EN 61340-4-1, per A.5.2] “The wrist band will normally be worn for several hours at a time so it needs to be comfortable while making good contact with the skin. It is a good idea to check the wrist strap every time it is applied. Constant on line monitors can be used so that any breaks will be immediately found.” [EN 61340-5-2 clause 5.2.7]

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Flexibility of EN 61340-5-1 ESD Control Plans

To have an ESD control programme conform to EN 61340-5-1 does the programme have to use all the ESD protected area ESD control items listed in Table 3? These are: working surfaces, storage racks, trolleys, flooring, ionization, seating, and garments.

No, you can decide which ESD control items to use.

Per EN 61340-5-1 clause 5.2.1 “ESD control program plan, The organization shall prepare an ESD control program plan that addresses each of the requirements of the program. Those requirements concern:

  • training,
  • compliance verification,
  • grounding/bonding systems,
  • personnel grounding,
  • EPA requirements,
  • packaging systems,
  • marking.”

Each company has flexibility designing its programme as EN 61340-5-1 Introduction states: “Each company has different processes, and so will require a different blend of ESD prevention measures for an optimum ESD control program. It is vital that these measures are selected, based on technical necessity and carefully documented in an ESD control program plan, so that all concerned can be sure of the program requirements.”

The ESD control programme plan is to be written. We recommend starting by reviewing Annex A of User guide CLC/TR 61340-5-2:2008 “Example ESD Control Document based on IEC 61340-5-1”. It notes “The following document demonstrates the flow and required sections for an ESD control program as defined by IEC 61340-5-1. This program is based on one of the most basic ESD programs that can be implemented. In most cases, an actual ESD program will utilize more ESD control elements. Personnel are grounded by a wrist strap. Handling operations are performed at a grounded worksurface and ESD sensitive devices are moved from operation to operation inside a metallized shielding bag.”

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