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Introducing New Dual Operator Continuous Monitor with Satellites

222743 monitor includes two 229904 Jewel® MagSnap Wrist Straps
  • NEW Improved Banana Jack
    Creates a more consistent connection and helps to prevent accidental disconnects with operator’s wrist strap.
  • Control unit LEDs indicate proper grounding of two mats and two operators; includes mounting hardware.
    Allows mounting Control Unit at eye level, not using any working surface area
  • Two Satellite Remote Monitors include monitored wrist strap ground, parking stud, and unmonitored ground for guest or equipment
    Versatile design allowing placement where desired up to 7 feet from control unit.
  • Audio alarm
  • Wave Distortion Technology provides real-time monitoring
    Ensures ESD protected workstation, reducing catastrophic failures and latent defects
  • Utilizes reliable wave distortion technology
    Provides true 100% continuous monitoring.
  • Can use with any brand of single wire wrist strap and coiled cord components
    Life-cycle costs of monitor / wrist strap / cord are 66% lower than dual-wire approach
  • For important information on Single Wire Continuous Impedance Monitoring Click HERE
  • Made in the United States of America
Item Description Price*
222743 Dual Operator Continuous Monitor with Wrist Straps, 4mm, 220VAC £251.20
222744 Dual Operator Continuous Monitor, 10mm, 220VAC £236.60

*The prices in the Vermason Online Catalog supersede all pricing on new product announcements and may change without notice.

Leading companies use continuous monitors as a cost effective component in satisfying some of the audit and check requirements of EN 61340-5-1. Wrist strap testing “Where continuous monitoring is used, no additional testing is required.” [EN 61340-4-1, per A.5.2] “The wrist band will normally be worn for several hours at a time so it needs to be comfortable while making good contact with the skin. It is a good idea to check the wrist strap every time it is applied. Constant on line monitors can be used so that any breaks will be immediately found.” [EN 61340-5-2 clause 5.2.7]

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